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Oxen Ultera
Oxen Ultera Dungeon Monster
Type: Thousand-Kill Dungeon Monster
Race: 9
Can't be captured
Level: 105
HP: 1563720
EXP: 230240
Spirit: 86
Monster view: 8.00
Attack distance: 2.00
Physical attack: 1557
Magic attack: 1401
Defence: 22
Resist: 22
Accuracy: 300
Resilence: 22
Oora Affinity: 20
Widu Affinity: 20
Unda Affinity: 20
Pyra Affinity: 20
Erda Affinity: 20
Dropped Money: from 1 Silver 17 Bronzeto 3 Silver 51 Bronze

Dropped Item`s (25)
IconNameRelative %%
1Common Jade of Rain250.0000%
2Common Jade of Earth250.0000%
3Common Jade of Fog250.0000%
4Aurablade Spear131.2500%
5Darkwing Staff131.2500%
6Astralcryst Blades131.2500%
7Shattered Soul131.2500%
8Lotus Orb131.2500%
9Life Totem 112.0500%
10Ring of Destruction110.0000%
11Ring of Punishment50.0000%
12Natural Stone37.5000%
13Ethrelic of Dragon Blood25.2000%
14Shattered Void Stone25.0000%
15Ring of Nothing25.0000%
16Chain of Punishment25.0000%
17Chain of Blessing25.0000%
18Ring of Ages25.0000%
19Chain of Destruction25.0000%
20Chain of Nothing25.0000%
21Ring of Blessing25.0000%
22Chain of Ages25.0000%
23Crystal of Flame Rage17.5000%
24Crystal of Earth Eternity17.5000%
25Time Dust Stone15.0000%
26Bone Grinder Suit♂1.0000%
27Phoenix Surge Mail♀1.0000%
28Moon Stalker Hat♀1.0000%
29Bone Grinder Hat♂1.0000%
30Sky Patrol Lantern1.0000%
31Moon Stalker Shoes♀1.0000%
32Daggers of Teeve1.0000%
33Bone Grinder Shoes♂1.0000%
34Flower Dying Robe♀1.0000%
35White Emperor Bow1.0000%
36Crystal Will Robe♂1.0000%
37Flower Dying Hood♀1.0000%
38Crystal Will Hood♂1.0000%
39Phoenix Surge Helm♀1.0000%
40Mace of Hatred1.0000%
41Dragon Roar Helm♂1.0000%
42Flower Dying Shoes♀1.0000%
43Staff of the North1.0000%
44Phoenix Surge Shoes♀1.0000%
45Dragon Roar Shoes♂1.0000%
46Moon Stalker Suit♀1.0000%
47Jade Fall Spear1.0000%
48Ghostdance Axe0.7500%
49Keres Harbinger0.7500%
50Crystal Will Shoes♂0.2500%
51Dragon Roar Mail♂0.2500%